The Tissue Donation Project

What if researchers could identify a way to give your body a fighting chance?

Research takes a very long time, so as hard as it may be to face, even though some of our community friends will never experience the benefits, you still have an opportunity to contribute. To make a difference to those who follow with a real chance to live a better life.


We recognize that not everyone can help financially, but we are looking for project volunteers. End-of-life donation of the brain and spinal cord for superficial siderosis research is the most generous gift you can make. Of course, it’s not a happy place, contemplating your mortality, but we need ten volunteers at a minimum who will consent to this donation so steps may be put in place ahead of time.  

You have the opportunity to help in Dr. Levy’s quest to find answers. By improving the understanding of superficial siderosis and the pathophysiology, research will explain the functional changes at a cellular level that are occurring within an individual due to superficial siderosis. In addition, by exposing the how’s and why’s, we can empower researchers to not only discover better treatments but ultimately a pathway to healing.

We realize there is some cost involved with a donation of this type, so we are committed to raising donations so your family will not have to shoulder the burden of an added expense. All tissue and records will be under the supervision of Dr. Levy and his team. Donors will be released to your family after the procedure is complete and will in no way interfere with internment plans.

There will be an additional process involved with completing the donation; your next kin will undertake these steps on your behalf after your death. Every effort will be made to protect your privacy. You have a choice about enrolling in this project. You have the option to opt-out of participation in this project anytime before your death.

To begin the please follow the button link.

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