Touching The Positives

Touching The Positives

I recently came across an interesting question, If you were cured today, what would you do? For people with a chronic condition or rare disorder, that’s a loaded question. What would you do just for yourself, for family or friends? Would you run to experience a long-time dream? Visit far-off places? Make more friends? Host a party? Meet a friend for coffee? Would you find a cause and jump in, get involved, be engaged? Are these the things you think about when you’re in pain or fighting off loneliness and isolation? The days when you can’t bear to move a finger, let alone get out of bed?

It’s too easy to allow the negatives of chronic illness to swallow us alive. However, when your glass is continually half empty and every day is a struggle, you desperately need to touch the positives. You know what you can no longer do, but what about the things you can do?

If you got your miracle today, what would you do?

Finding The Good

Touching the positives won’t mean rainbows and candy sprinkles are going to appear every day magically. Just realizing, as you limp through the terrible times, there will be some better days. The elusive good day, when smiles are heartfelt, and sunshine comes through the window. Those days are not gone forever.

Make a list of all your positives. From straight-up dreaming to the might be possible. What would you do just for yourself? For other people? List your the roadblocks Money? Time? Energy? Everything? Please write down your positives and put them in front of you.

All the things you would do if you were cured today.

Start small and slow, but choose something that makes your heart know you’re still alive. Why? Because today there still might be no cure, but you can still reach out to touch the positives.

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Rori Daniel

Living With Superficial Siderosis began as a way to keep family and acquaintances updated after my husband Gary was diagnosed with Superficial siderosis in 2014. In 2019, became a partner in the Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance. Together our alliance has expanded into research, advocacy, and patient education. Rori Daniel, Editor,

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