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Captain Robert Cameron

Charting New Waters in Literature and Life

A Nostalgic Look Back: Celebrating Success Stories for SS Month
Originally published in April 2018, we’re taking a moment during Superficial Siderosis Month to revisit some of the most inspiring personal journeys that have graced our pages. Today, we’re diving deep into the extraordinary life of Robert Cameron—a man who has navigated the high seas and the complexities of life with equal aplomb.

Ahoy, adventurers and dreamers! Meet Robert Cameron, a man whose life reads like an epic novel, filled with high-stakes voyages, exotic locales, and a plot twist that led him to discover a new passion. A United States Merchant Marine Academy graduate with a degree in Marine Transportation, Robert—or Captain Bob, as he is known—commanded his first vessel in 1980. For over 25 years, he sailed the seven seas, exploring the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and the United States. Each port of call added a new chapter to his life story, a story that seemed almost too grand to be true.

But in 2005, the narrative took a dramatic turn. A meningocele was discovered entangled around the nerves in the T-4 area of Robert’s spine. A grueling 12-hour surgery followed, leading to an uncontained slow bleed and a diagnosis of superficial siderosis. The course of his life had changed, but Robert, ever the captain of his fate, refused to let this diagnosis anchor him down.

The Healing Power of Florida Sunshine and Nantucket Breezes

Retirement found Robert dividing his time between the sunny shores of Florida and the idyllic landscapes of Nantucket Island. Under the expert care of Dr. James Meschia, Head of Neurology at Jacksonville Mayo Clinic, Robert decided to give chelation therapy a shot. The results? A slowing down of the disease’s progression and even some noticeable improvement.

The Birth of a Dream: Tuckey, The Nantucket Whale

But Robert’s most remarkable journey was yet to come. Faced with memory loss issues, he decided to exercise his mind creatively—by fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a writer. During his years at sea, he had been captivated by the marine life that filled the oceans, but nothing had struck him as profoundly as the majestic whales of Nantucket.

Teaming up with his longtime friend and artist, Rod Cole, Robert set out to create a children’s book that would entertain his grandsons and children worldwide. The result was “A Day With Tuckey, The Nantucket Whale,” a book that has since blossomed into a series of Tuckey adventures, captivating the hearts of youngsters everywhere.

A New Voyage: From Diagnosis to Bestselling Author

Robert Cameron Tuckey

With the fourth installment in the Tuckey series published in June 2018 and a hardcover book for toddlers already receiving rave reviews, Robert has transformed a devastating diagnosis into a new, fulfilling voyage. His literary achievements have even earned him a spot on the library shelves of his alma mater, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York.

Tuckey’s Treasure Trove: More Than Just Books

Robert Cameron Nantucket book festival

If you’re eager to dive into the world of Tuckey and his pal Freddy the Seagull, look no further than Tuckey’s online store. From colorful posters and Tuckey-themed apparel to the latest Tuckey adventures, it’s a one-stop-shop for all things Tuckey. And if you’re a traditionalist, you’ll be delighted to know that Tuckey’s tales are also available at bookstores, gift shops, and museums across Cape Cod, Nantucket Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Mystic Seaport, and Naples. You can also find Tuckey at Barnes and Noble,, Amazon, and dozens of independent bookstores.

The Man Behind the Legend

Today, Robert Cameron is not just a retired ship captain and BP executive; he’s an entrepreneur, a bestselling author, and a loving grandfather. He and his wife relish their summers on Nantucket and the joyous moments spent with their grandchildren.

So, if you need inspiration, remember the story of Captain Bob—a man who refused to let life’s challenges steer him off course. Instead, he charted a new path that led him to the fulfilling world of children’s literature and a legacy that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

To get in touch with Captain Bob or to explore the magical world of Tuckey, visit Tuckey The Nantucket Whale.

Robert Cameron’s story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. It’s a story of resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of imagination. And it’s a story that reminds us all: no matter the storms we face, there’s always a new adventure waiting just over the horizon.

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