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Understanding Ferriprox

There is some confusion when it comes to understanding Ferriprox and superficial siderosis. Ferripriox (Deferiprone) is a prescription drug whose primary purpose is treating people who have transfusional iron overload due to Thalassemia syndromes.¹ Deferiprone was designed to bind to this iron and remove it in a process called Chelation therapy. It’s my understanding if a…


The Results Are In

“Does Deferiprone provide a clinical benefit to the superficial siderosis patient?”   If you remember, the April 2017 edition of The Neurology Journal gave us an early peek at what the study findings might be in the final revision of Two-year Observational Study Of Deferiprone In Superficial Siderosis¹. The study was released this past December…

MRI Color Enhanced

Navigating The Iron Food Road

Finding The Iron Content Of Everyday Foods   I’ll be honest – this is a tough one – no, you don’t have to follow the 5/2 diet cycle while on Ferriprox. Gary does because we’re trying to get our money’s worth. In March of 2014, when first diagnosed, the radiology report noted there was only…


The Decision To Choose Chelation Therapy

The Decision To Choose Chelation Therapy Superficial Siderosis Diagnosis, Chelation Therapy, and Deferiprone Researching on your own can be tricky. Superficial Siderosis is a serious diagnosis and the early research papers we found scared us to death. At first glance, the prognosis is horrendous so when we came across Pilot Safety Trial of Deferiprone in…

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