Whole New Ballgame: ReSound Linx²

ReSound Linx2The two-week update on the ReSound Linx² hearing aids

The question most asked, “Do you still like the new hearing aids?” Short answer, yes. But there are so many features we’ve just barely scratched the surface.

Classified as Smart Hearing Aids, they can be set to work in tandem with your smartphone with an app you download. This app allows your phone to work as the control for both the preset and customized audio settings.

90% of the time close captioning is no longer needed when watching T.V., but since this is a case of  Sensorineural Hearing Loss, there are always problems with tones. Some voices are at a pitch that is just impossible to understand.

The first two weeks sound levels were set at a 60% level. Our audiologist explained your brain needs time to process all the new sound. The first two days certain sounds were deafening with some distracting clicks (the dog’s tags or change in the pocket). That leveled out during the week. When we went back for the two-week follow-up, the most significant complaint was sound had become muffled and not as clear as the first few days.

Since it didn’t take long to get used to them, the audiologist went ahead and adjusted them to the levels that were more in line with the latest audiogram. Dr. Lee told us this was about two weeks ahead of schedule, but Gary had eased into use with no problems so why not? Bingo, the sound was crisp and clear once again.

We had a few questions about the app and some of the features. There was no problem with phone integration. Someone calls you, you answer, and the conversation automatically streams into your earpieces; works great.

If you turn your location service on your phone, you can adjust your hearing preference for that particular place, geotag it, and whenever you return there your saved settings will auto load. We’ve played with it, but we haven’t used it yet.

Conversations in the car are not a problem even with a radio and road noise in the background. A month ago being in a group of people outside on a patio would have been an exercise in frustration. Now joining conversations is possible without always asking someone to repeat themselves.

One disappointment was the advertised promise of “Surround Sound” quality music streaming. It may work for others but so far no joy here. We’re still adjusting to this new self-programming learning curve, and we still need to learn more about fine-tuning out some of the background sounds. Our next visit to the audiologist is in a month, so we’ll see how things are progressing then.

If you are curious about these ReSound Linx² hearing aids the company has both an Android and iPhone demonstration app you can download. It simulates the use of the hearing aids with your earphones, so you get an idea of all they offer.


          iTunes Demo              image

        Android Demo          image





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