How To Block The Agony Of Brain Zaps

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The Slow Movement of Pandemic Care Having a rare condition can make it hard to get information as it is, but during the Covid-19 pandemic it has stepped up a notch or two. Usually, I contact my consultant via email to arrange the care and appointments for my superficial siderosis, but with everything on hold at the moment it makes it that much harder. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it would take a few weeks before I’d hear anything about my next appointment, test, or admission, but with the shuffling around of hospitals to cater for social distancing and hygiene regulations, things are now a lot worse. Another Expert My neurosurgeon referred me to his colleague at another NHS health board to see if he could give any further insight into the issues I was having with the pressure in my head. Thankfully, I’m now at some sort of stability

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Taming Chronic Headache Pain

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Living With Daily Pain Gary woke this morning without a headache. The first pain-free moment in 12 very miserable years. Complete pain relief. I just want to read those words over and over. A chronic headache or migraine sufferer will understand the long and tearful journey. Imagine the torture of a migraine mixed with the agony of a cluster headache for 76 unending days. Light, sound, and movement all become your enemy. Complete relief lasted for a few glorious hours before a small twinge returned to the base of his skull area. Gary describes the pain as very light now, ecstatic if this is as good as it ever gets. Gary’s daily headache level hovers around a five, seven days a week. He was forced to live and work with a chronic headache for years. His first neurosurgeon thought the pain might be caused by the pressure change as spinal fluid

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Neurology Roadtrip

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We made our trip to Gary’s regular neurology appointment this week seeking answers to his headaches. Since he left the private healthcare sector last January and entered the VA system road trips are the rule. His PCP, blood testing lab and primary audiologist are in a clinic in Texas. The hematologist, regular cardiologist, back-up audiologist, dermatologist, and coumadin clinic nurse are all in Louisiana. Gary travels to Arkansas for his electrophysiology cardiologist, neuropsychologist, and neurology. We may be living a Willie Nelson song, but you can’t say the VA is not thorough.We went to neurology hoping there would be some headway towards relief for Gary’s headache pain. He never sees the same resident or neurologist, so we are in constant new patient mode.   The VA does excel in keeping detailed notes from every visit, so it’s easy to tell if the resident of the day has done their homework.

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Railroad Spike: Chronic Headache Pain


Living With Chronic Headache Pain   Chronic headache pain has been in our lives for years. Our Superficial Siderosis community has many fellow sufferers. On good days the pain is a dull throb pecking away, neck, eyes, and top of your head. The not so good days it feels like a hot railroad spike through the base of your skull sprinting up to your eyes. Pain that radiates into every part of your head creating excruciating agony.   It’s A Headache Not A Marathon   Gary has always tried to control his pain with over-the-counter pain medications, sitting quietly with his eyes closed and keeping his neck still but this hadn’t been working the last eight months. The severity is increasing along with the duration. This June an unusually debilitating headache took hold and wouldn’t ease up for 76 DAYS. He agreed to a trip to the Shreveport VA emergency room

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