Punching Through the Brain Fog


brain fog

Brain Fog and Stress

Brain Fog  Stress  Anxiety  Depression
We’ve both been fighting a definite lack of focus.The last few months have not only been busy but very stressful for us. We headed into the summer months not giving much thought to the immediate future. Health wise things were leveling out so we felt we could focus on refining the details of our life.

A three-week bout with pneumonia and bronchitis proved just how tough dealing with illness could be with a compromised immune system. A beloved sister faced the re-occurrence of her cancer. Her battle was short and as about as unfair as life could make it. We are still mourning her passing.

Our health insurance notified us they are discontinuing all PPO networks for individually purchased policies in Texas. Forced into an HMO network. Seven specialists and one PCP physician. Will we have to find all new doctors?  New doctors will mean having to reapply for Ferriprox again, going through the appeal process and fighting with an HMO.


Here Comes The Sun

There has been some encouraging news along with all the stress. The positives have helped us deal with some of the strain. We have been on a whirlwind tour of doctor visits before the year ends. Test results are promising.

The brain fog is lifting, so we have a laundry list of new blog topics that have been waiting. News to share. The good along with a little of the bad.



  1. ~ I have Found That Taking 2 Omega 3 Twice a Day helps with My Manic Depression and Anxiety Stress. I also found a new Drink I take Three times a Day 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg’s only, 1 Tablespoon of Raw Pasteurized Honey. On an Empty Stomach. Do you have any Suggestions on Lewy Body Deminita. I just Got Diagnosis Last Week.

    • Hi Mark, I’ve read some excellent reports on the use of CORDYCEPS Mushrooms. You can consult with a Naturopath or TCM practitioner for a safe and pure source. Some of the information I read suggested 500mg a day in capsule form, but I would consult with a professional who can give you correct dosage information for you specifically.

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