Focused Neuro-Otological Review of Superficial Siderosis of the Central Nervous System

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iSS can be associated with significant neurotologic and cerebellar morbidity; the recurrent SAH variant is frequently clinically symptomatic, has a shorter latency and greater neurotologic disability. In these cases, a thorough search and management of a covert source of bleeding may stop clinical progression. The frequency and clinical course of radiographic iSS after traumatic and post-aneurysmal SAH is largely unknown. Detection of radiographic iSS after trauma or aneurysm bleeding suggests that the slower clinical course could benefit from an effective intervention if it became available. The use of cochlear implants is a valid alternative with advanced hearing impairment.

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Cochlear Implant Patients with Superficial Siderosis Mayo Clinic

It is essential that the CI audiologist not only be aware of the disorder but also be well
versed in the resulting implications for the cochlear implant process. A more thorough case history, an
expanded candidacy test battery, and knowledge of the typical presentation of SSCN are critical. The
diagnosis of SSCN will impact expectations for success with the cochlear implant, and counseling
should be adjusted accordingly. Mayo Clinic Arizona, Scottsdale; {Mayo Clinic Rochester, Rochester, MN

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