Meet Kelly Morgan

Kelly Morgan profile

The SSRA is excited to introduce everyone to grant writing team member, Kelly Morgan. This has been a challenging few weeks for everyone in our country world but the SSRA work continues with the help of some wonderful volunteers. Kyle, Sue and I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly and her husband when they traveled to Wisconsin to attend the 2019 SSRA Benefit dinner. Join us in welcoming Kelly to the SSRA.- Rori My name is Kelly Morgan, I am 57 years old and I was diagnosed with superficial siderosis in November 2011. A few years after the birth of my third child, I noticed a loss of my sense of smell and taste.  Because life gets in the way, after a few years of missing these two senses, I went to an ENT and he recommended an MRI.  Once a superficial siderosis diagnosis was confirmed I realized that all

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