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  • Create Date October 20, 2021
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Quantitative clinical and radiological recovery in post-operative
patients with superficial siderosis by an iron chelator

Yurie Nose · Ikuko Uwano · Ukihide Tateishi · Makoto Sasaki · Takanori Yokota · Nobuo Sanjo Oct.2021

"Results Significant improvements in signal contrast ratios were noted in the lateral orbitofrontal gyrus, superior temporal
lobe, insular lobe, brainstem, lingual gyrus, and cerebellar lobe in the combination therapy group. The scores of patients in
the combination therapy group on the cerebellar ataxia scales significantly improved. The degree of signal improvement in
the cerebellar lobe correlated with the improvement of cerebellar ataxia scores. Early deferiprone administration after disease
onset and long-term administration were correlated with greater signal improvements on magnetic resonance imaging. No
adverse effects were observed in the clinical or laboratory parameters.
Conclusions Deferiprone administration significantly improved radiological and clinical outcomes in patients with postoperative superficial siderosis. Earlier and longer courses of deferiprone could result in better patient prognosis.


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  1. I am a 75 year old male; from northwest Iowa, experienced a large tumor on my pituitary gland in 2005. Surgeons decided it was too large to remove surgically. I was prescribed Cabergoline and the tumor shrunk profoundly. 2005—-2013 I experienced ss symptoms. 2014 & 2015 I went to Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with Superficial Siderosis, confirmed by Neera Kumar, M.D. and Oscar L. Morey Vargus, M.D. I desire to volunteer my body to research that attempts to discover effective ways to treat ss.
    With this letter I give you permission to access my medical records, from the Mayo Clinic and fromthe Orange City Area Health System.
    John Weber M.D. fax # 712 737 2115

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