Is Neuroprotection The Answer?


Can The Progression Of Superficial Siderosis Be Slowed? The holy grail of any rare disorder is discovering the cure. With Superficial Siderosis, so far, chelation therapy has offered the only solution for removing the iron. Where does this leave a patient who can’t physically tolerate chelation or can’t afford the cost? Where is the hope? Are We Looking For The Wrong Answer? Watching the progression of someone in the later stages of Superficial Siderosis is heartbreaking. While we now have eight volunteers who have generously committed to leaving their brain for future study, those answers will be years away. As a patient community, our end game will always be discovering a way to stop the devastation. Should our priority shift to finding out how to slow cell degeneration? To identify treatment options safely tolerated by every patient, whether or not they are currently on chelation therapy that will be neuroprotective

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