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The Results Are In

“Does Deferiprone provide a clinical benefit to the superficial siderosis patient?”   If you remember, the April 2017 edition of The Neurology Journal gave us an early peek at what the study findings might be in the final revision of Two-year Observational Study Of Deferiprone In Superficial Siderosis¹. The study was released this past December…

Test Hope

Testing, Testing, Hope

The Whirlwind Test Tour We’ve been doing the whirlwind testing tour with our many specialists these past few weeks. Not only was it time for our quarterly neurology follow-up but we found ourselves eagerly waiting for the first MRI and hearing tests since starting on Ferriprox this past year. Our health insurance network is being…

Multiple Angioma Cerebellum Sagittal Siderosis

Hemosiderin in the Cerebellum

Putting A Face On The Enemy We’ve all read the descriptions of how hemosiderin deposits (Iron Salts) form. Do you sit looking at the MRI scan results wondering just where we are supposed to be looking? Nothing explains it better than a picture. When you look closely at this photo of hemosiderin in the cerebellum, you can…

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