Research Day

Waking up for the Big Day I woke up to a bad headache, probably a bit of nerves and excitement about going to the best hearing institution in the United Kingdom. After all, I’m a musician and what’s the fun in music without having any hearing? It’s been a difficult journey but reaching out on Twitter to the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) had put me in contact with a doctor who is doing her PhD on the audio-vestibular (hearing and balance) components of superficial siderosis. My sole intention of contacting the JRCPTB however, was not that of getting help for myself, but an attempt to make it mandatory or at least advisory for ENT doctors/surgeons and audiologists in the U.K, to screen for superficial siderosis if a patient has had previous head/spinal trauma or surgery and now has unexplained hearing loss. Helping others to avoid this

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