Rethinking Cholesterol Medication

myelin axon nerve cell

Rethinking Statin Use   Are you a long-term user of popular statin drugs on the market? Studies are convincing it’s time to rethink cholesterol medication use if you’re in a high-risk, neurodegenerative patient group. If you are already fighting nerve degeneration, there is evidence your cholesterol medication may be contributing to peripheral nervous system damage. 25% of the adult population in the US, over the age of 45, is now on a prescribed statin. The popularity of cholesterol-lowering medication was rolled out with both an advertising blitz and a push from industry drug reps. Physicians initially thought statin drugs had few side effects. For the high-risk individual who has heart disease, statin drugs can be a life-saver, lowering bad cholesterol by as much as 50 points.    Does My Body Need Cholesterol   Cholesterol has become synonymous in the public mind with heart disease. Cholesterol is bad, bad, bad; an ingrained mantra pounded into our subconscious. If your arteries become blocked and you suffer a heart attack, then yes, you have a problem. For people with neurodegeneration, cholesterol plays a vital part in trying to maintain healthy nerve function. 25% of cholesterol resides in your brain as Myelin Sheaths.  The parts…

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Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea for memory

  Green tea has enjoyed such a surge in popularity that more than a few people are skeptical. Every healthy living blog touts the benefits of green tea for everything from cardiovascular health, diabetes or weight loss. That will raise an eyebrow or two, but when you do some research, you may find yourself changing your mind. One of the more worrying symptoms of superficial siderosis is cognitive impairment. 20% of SS patients will experience early onset dementia. That’s not an enormous number considering that’s about one in five (of 270 diagnosed cases) but when you might be one of the ill-fated headed in that direction the number gets BIG real fast. Small signs that something was off showed gradually but began increasing last winter. Gary can remember the phone number and address of every house he has lived in but forgets the daily meds he’s been taking for years. A big red flag. Short-term memory problems like losing his train of thought. He begins cooking and then forgets he has something on the stove. It all was becoming progressively worse. Our neurologist diagnosed mild cognitive impairment (MCI) after an in-office evaluation and written test. We were sent to a…

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The Cart Before the Horse: Stem Cells

Stem Cell Research and Neurodegenerative Healing


Research takes a very long time with many wrong turns along the way. But if we continue to look for possibilities imagine the reward. One of the more exciting areas is stem cell research and their effect on neurodegeneration.

In this Ted Talk video  Dr. Siddharthan Chandran explains how close researchers are to developing a useful therapy using the bodies existing stem cells to repair neurodegenerative damage.

It may seem premature to be already searching for healing therapies this early into chelation, but we are trying to be positive. Our hope is some of these ideas we tumble around will give us a direction to look to when the time comes.


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 Exploring the Future

                  Siddharthan Chandran: Can the damaged brain repair itself?