Radio Silence

Taking a break

You may have noticed the silence of late. Life becomes busy and complicated. Sometimes you need to step back for a minute. Social media, vegetable, and chicken season. Did I mention all the new doctors? Trips to the emergency room, ultrasounds, CT scans, x-rays, and biopsies. Radio silence. Taking a breath from the chaos It began innocently. We live…

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Neurodegenerative Vision Problems


You move your eyes more often than your heart beats. Vision problems are one of the mysterious, unexplained symptoms people are plagued with long before their doctor knows what is wrong. While not as frequent as sensorineural hearing loss or balance issues a large percentage will suffer from some vision disturbance. Anisocoria, diplopia, nystagmus, dry eyes, or phantom images…

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Eye on Nystagmus


  We were sitting in the exam room at our ophthalmologist yesterday and I wondered why is it so many of the SS related conditions seem impossible to pronounce without a medical degree? Silly I know, but I never take the time to find what the actual pronunciation is. The doctor comes in talking away and I think, wow, that’s not even…

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Quarterly Neurology Follow-Up


Quarterly Neurology Follow-Up The New Normal By the time we went to our quarterly neurology follow-up we had a pretty good list of questions. The cholesterol medication was a big one. What kinds of exercises could we safely add to the walking? Did we need to see a Neuroopthamoligist instead of our ophthalmologist? What alternatives, besides prescription medications, were…

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