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I like listening (ok, eavesdropping) to my granddaughters when they find time to get together. Our grandkids ages range from a first-year college student, high school, elementary to toddler. Conversations can be eye-opening. You learn a lot: who’s salty, why something’s lit, and being woke. If you follow social media, you see it everywhere.

It stays with me, this word. Woke. People are willing to be engaged.


Stay Woke Superficial Siderosis Awareness

It’s Up To Us


There’s a significant message in “being woke” for the Superficial Siderosis family. We are obligated to spread awareness. Whether for ourselves or an advocate for a family member or friend. Those who suffer from this ultra rare condition need all the support we can give.

The Silent Bleed squad has been busy providing flyers, selling wristbands and hosting fundraisers over in the U.K.

Here in the states, we hope our blog will help spread awareness, provide a little education, and some of our insights.

 What Will You Do?



Not everyone can start a charity or find time for a blog. When you’re chronically ill, getting out of bed some days is a big deal. We just want you to spread the word. To your healthcare providers, your family and your neighbors. If you can educate a few new people along your journey, then we all have a chance.




PSA for the grandparents: avoid the eggplant ?

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