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Paying the Bills


It’s been three and a half years (2015) since we began our website Living With Superficial Siderosis and determined to stay an advertising-free environment. Since we are not a registered non-profit asking for donations would be wrong. I don’t want to blast advertisements or push affiliate links onto our community. Gary and I want everyone who comes here for information to know, without hesitation, if I describe a product it’s because Gary has personally benefited from it or it seems interesting enough on its own merits.

With this credo in mind, I found it was becoming necessary to find a creative solution to continue funding livingwithss.com and the superficialsiderosispatientregistry.org websites. As most regular visitors know Gary was forced to stop working soon after our site launched. I stay home full time, driving to doctors, writing for our website, Medium, The Mighty, raising chickens, gardening and canning. All these activities bring me a wonderful sense of accomplishment but unfortunately don’t help pay the bills.

The answer was right in front of me. I designed the livingwithss.com website through a learning process that included advice from folks in the business. When I designed superficialsiderosispatientregistry.org, I was able to tap into everything I had learned. I have been developing websites ever since. Ever noticed the rapid changes on this site? I’m using it as a test subject once again.

This page is the one and the only advertisement you will ever read on livingwithss.com. If you’re thinking of hiring a small website designer, updating an existing website, or need Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest formatted advertising material, then I believe I know someone who is happy to do the job. You end up with both a reasonably priced professional website and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped keep our Superficial Siderosis advocacy activities possible.