This man has had a bleed on his brain ever since he was eight years old


Doctors discovered a tumour in his brain two decades ago

By Mark Smith

Health Correspondent   Wales Online

11:41, 10 JUN 2018


When Rhys Holmes was just eight years old, he began experiencing constant headaches, sight problems, and terrible dizziness. After a trip to his optician who referred him to hospital, doctors discovered a tumour in his brain which needed to be removed urgently.

But two decades on, the 28-year-old’s health has deteriorated again due to a slow bleed on his brain which is thought to have been caused by the initial lifesaving procedure. He says the bleed has caused iron from the blood to settle on the surface of his brain and other areas of his central nervous system.

“The iron is toxic in these areas and causes various types of nerve damage, and a huge list of symptoms start to appear after the iron has been settled for a number of years,” he said.

“The longer the iron is there, the more the condition progresses.”

Rhys, a keen musician from Newport , said he began to notice a deterioration in his health in 2015 on a team building day out with work.“The first activity was archery in which we had an instructor to show us how to shoot the bow at the target,” he said.“Finally it was my turn. I picked up the bow, got into position, but when I pulled back the bow string I began violently shaking.“The instructor asked if I was okay to carry on as we all laughed it off.“Being the stubborn person that I am, I said I was fine and attempted a second time, my legs shaking uncontrollably and my arms wobbling like jelly.

“The instructor swiftly stood up and ran over to me, grabbing the bow out of my hands, clearly worried at where I was going ….Read More….

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