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Superficial Siderosis research is an overlooked and severely underfunded area

Documented cases have been so rare it wasn’t too long ago there were less than 270 case studies worldwide, but that seems to be changing. The symptoms mirror so many other disorders; it is sometimes misidentified as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s. Donations may be made through the Superficial Siderosis Patient Registry shortly, or you may consider visiting The Silent Bleed.

Living With Superficial Siderosis and the entire superficial siderosis community would like to thank you for your gift of hope. Without your support, continued research would not move forward.

– Rori and Gary 

The Silent Bleed Charity offers awareness wristbands and downloadable informational brochures for print. You may purchase one wristband or a bundle to pass out and help raise awareness      

Silent Bleed Charity link

The Silent Bleed group are working toward becoming the face of worldwide Superficial Siderosis awareness. Their site offers information downloads, hosts the “Ask the Specialist” section where you can ask Dr. Levy questions directly and sponsor 5k Fun Walk/Runs. The proceeds from all their fundraising activities help fund continuing research. If you live in a country with an NHS medical system, they are more than happy to offer advice on navigating the system.

Click photo to go to the silent bleed website