Sleep disorders in cerebellar ataxia

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José L. Pedroso et al, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo SP, Brazil. Arq Neuropsiquiatr 2011;69(2-A):253-257 Cerebellar ataxias comprise a wide range of etiologies leading to central nervous system-related motor and non-motor symptoms. Recently, a large body of evidence has demonstrated a high frequency of non-motor manifestations in cerebellar ataxias, especially in autosomal dominant spinocerebellar ataxias (SCA). Among these nonmotor dysfunctions, sleep disorders have been recognized, although still under or even misdiagnosed. In this review, we highlight the main sleep disorders related to cerebellar ataxias focusing on REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), restless legs syndrome (RLS), periodic limb movement in sleep (PLMS), excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), insomnia and sleep apnea.

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