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Understanding Ferriprox

There is some confusion when it comes to understanding Ferriprox and superficial siderosis. Ferripriox (Deferiprone) is a prescription drug whose primary purpose is treating people who have transfusional iron overload due to Thalassemia syndromes.¹ Deferiprone was designed to bind to this iron and remove it in a process called Chelation therapy. It’s my understanding if a…

Test Hope

Testing, Testing, Hope

The Whirlwind Test Tour We’ve been doing the whirlwind testing tour with our many specialists these past few weeks. Not only was it time for our quarterly neurology follow-up but we found ourselves eagerly waiting for the first MRI and hearing tests since starting on Ferriprox this past year. Our health insurance network is being…


Understanding Ferriprox Part Two

Trying to remove superficial siderosis associated hemosiderin deposits with Ferriprox (deferiprone) will be an unfamiliar treatment option to your doctors. You need to gather as much reliable information as you can. Having information packets available when you meet with a new physician can save valuable time. Step one: track down the open research online, download…