Hearing Loss And The Movies

hearing loss accommodations movie captions

Technology has made settling in on the couch watching a good movie inviting for those with hearing loss. But honestly, some films are just meant to be enjoyed on the big screen. Gary’s hearing loss continues to worsen. He no longer understands the dialog on television without closed-captioning enabled. Background noises, the music or the tone of an actors voice is a muddle. We owned a restaurant for ten years. The only days we closed for many years were Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent shopping. When Christmas arrived we were exhausted; we began a family tradition of having Chinese for lunch and going to the movies. A day-long film festival. The tradition continued long after the restaurant became a memory. A Downhill Slide When Gary started wearing hearing aids, sounds were clear and conversation enjoyable. It went downhill after the first year. He was fitted with his second pair this past spring. A new hearing test showed significantly lower thresholds. He is completely deaf in the higher tones and considered profoundly impaired in the lower end. The information tells us nerve degeneration in Superficial Siderosis is a slow process. Two years feels rather speedy for such…

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