Your Life As A Germ Magnet

compromised immune system

Germ Magnet Immune System Life as a germ magnet. The average person will stroll through life never giving much thought to living with a weak immune system. A person with Superficial Siderosis will often find out the hard way that caution should be the word of the day. Every day we’re bombarded with invisible bugs. You think you’ve taken care to avoid those unseen dangers, but life as a germ magnet just about guarantees something nasty is bound to take hold. Last winter is the perfect example. Our daughters family was suffering from a particularly nasty flu bug. We had, in…

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Navigating The Iron Food Road

Finding The Iron Content Of Everyday Foods   I’ll be honest- this is a tough one. No, you don’t have to follow the 5/2 diet cycle while on Ferriprox® (deferiprone) but personally we are trying to “get our money worth” out of chelation. March of 2014 when the diagnosis was made the report noted there was only “Mild associated cerebellar atrophy”. Working, driving or even walking a straight line were all still possible. Chelation therapy with Ferriprox® was started a year ago in July, and we know that deterioration continues to occur even while you are on the medication. It…

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Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea Iron Chelator

Cognitive Improvement, Iron Chelation, Iron Blocking     Green tea has enjoyed a such a surge in popularity that more than a few people are skeptical. Every healthy living blog is touting the benefits of green tea for everything from cardiovascular health, diabetes, and weight loss. Yes, that sure will raise an eyebrow or two, but when you do some research, you may find yourself changing your mind. One of the more worrying signs of Superficial Siderosis is cognitive impairment. 20% of SS patients will experience early onset dementia. That’s not an enormous number considering that’s about one in five…

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Following The Low Road:Low Iron Diet

blood ferritin iron

Following the Low Road Cycling a low iron diet to reduce ferritin   When we decided to give Ferriprox® (Deferiprone) a chance we were not aware it can be hard getting your health insurance company to approve a tier 5 drug for an off-label use. Luckily for us we have an experienced hematologist in getting approval for high-level drugs for his patients in the oncology department. Five months passed from the time of the original diagnosis to the arrival of the first bottle of Ferriprox® at our doorstep. Excitement, hope, anxiety, and worry all packed into one little box. It is suggested…

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Chipping Away: Ferriprox

Chipping Away: Ferriprox   Starting Down The Chelation Road   It was a big day when the first bottle of Ferriprox arrived at our door. Our hematologist had laid out what would be happening during chelation in some pretty easy to understand terms: “Picture the iron that is covering the areas inside your head as a rust that has been building up on the inside of  your head coating parts of your brain and nerves. For chelation to work the drug has to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier. It’s hard and will take awhile to go away.” The…

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