Your Life As A Germ Magnet

compromised immune system

Germ Magnet Immune System Life as a germ magnet. The average person will stroll through life never giving much thought to living with a weak immune system. A person with Superficial Siderosis will often find out the hard way that caution should be the word of the day. Every day we’re…

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Navigating The Iron Food Road

mri cSS

Finding The Iron Content Of Everyday Foods   I’ll be honest – this is a tough one – no, you don’t have to follow the 5/2 diet cycle while on Ferriprox. Gary does because we’re trying to get our money’s worth. In March of 2014, when first diagnosed, the radiology…

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Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea for memory

  Green tea has enjoyed a such a surge in popularity that more than a few people are skeptical. Every healthy living blog is touting the benefits of green tea for everything from cardiovascular health, diabetes, and weight loss. Yes, that sure will raise an eyebrow or two, but when…

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Following The Low Road:Low Iron Diet


Giving Ferriprox A Chance   When we decided to give Ferriprox a chance, we weren’t aware how hard getting your health insurance company to approve a tier 5 drug for off-label use is. Luckily, we have a hematologist experienced in gaining approval for high-level medications for his patients. Five months passed…

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Chipping Away: Ferriprox


Chipping Away: Ferriprox   Starting Down The Chelation Road   It was a big day when the first bottle of Ferriprox arrived at our door. Our hematologist had laid out what would be happening during chelation in some pretty easy to understand terms: “Picture the iron that is covering the…

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