Superficial Siderosis Symptoms

Superficial Siderosis SymptomsSymptoms superficial siderosis

There are more than 30 recognized Superficial Siderosis clinical symptoms. Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Ataxia, and Myelopathy are considered to be the three classic symptom parent categories. At least one of the big three will present in more than 50% of patients.

It is rare for one individual to be affected by every one of these conditions. All of the following conditions will fall under one of the three parent categories:




Anosmia (Loss of Smell)

Phantosmia (Phantom smells)

Ageusia (Loss of Taste)

Back/Body pain

Craniospinal Hypotension

Headache (Relation to ongoing active bleed)

Diplopia (Double vision)

Cerebellar Dysarthria (Speech difficultly)

Chronic Fatigue


Mini Stroke (TIA)

Nystagmus (Eye jumping/wobbling)



Urinary Incontinence

Bowel Incontinence

Short Term Memory Loss

Mild Cognitive Impairment


Sexual Dysfunction (Male)

Nerve Palsies

Double Sciatica

Dysphagia (Difficulty with swallowing)

Anisocoria (One pupil larger than the other)

Failure to feel tooth pain (Extremely rare)

Depression, irregular sleep patterns, and compromised neurological reserve are also known reported problems.


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